Strapped, spooky and dressless

Ask the Yenta
Dear Yenta, I’m having a hard time finding a cool leather belt – you know, something substantial, good looking, big buckle…any Suggestions?
I love the belts from Lucky Brand.  They’re thick, substantial and you know it will last a long time (ok, this sounds a little dirty – but it’s the best way to describe them.) The men’s belts rock, and ladies, you can wear them too!  I don’t know why they don’t show many belts online but you can find tons at any one of the store locations – check the website for a listing of lots of LA places.
Also, try Falconhead in Brentwood. They have a variety of terrific belts and cowboy boots.  You can even have one custom-made!

“Dear Yenta,  I have always heard about those movie screening at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery?  Do you know when they start the screenings???”

Yes!  The first screening of the summer is this Saturday – COOL HAND LUKE.  The gates open at 7pm and the movie starts at 8:30p.  They ask for a $10 donation (even though they say it’s a donation – its seems mandatory.) Some tips: It gets cold at night, so wear warm clothes. Also, bring a blanket to sit on (something that won’t get wet from the moist grass) and another blanket to throw on yourself.  Other ideas: bring a small flashlight (getting to the bathrooms in pitch black is not fun), a pillow, everything for a picnic – and maybe some to share with your neighbors. It’s a fun time.


“Dear Yenta, I’m getting married and I have a drawing of my fantasy wedding dress.  Is there somewhere I can I bring this picture and have my fantasy dress created??”

My dear, you have come to the right person. I’m so glad you asked – and seriously, I only found out about this amazing place a couple of weeks ago.  Bill Hargate Costumes!!  This is THE place to go to get any clothes made.  You will find the best designers and seamstresses who are used by all the top Hollywood Filmmakers – and you, too, can have your own design created there!  Very Cool.  Best of Luck!

Bill Hargate Costumes
(323) 876-4432
1117 N Formosa Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90046

Additions to The Y List


Perfume: Fragrant Options
Don’t we all want to smell good?  Our scent makes us feel sexy, alluring and mysterious.  When shopping at Trader Joes’s we want that hot guy picking out some fancy cheese to feel the same way as we walk by and smile…

Santa Maria Novella, from Florence, Italy, is one of the world’s oldest perfumeries. Its colognes are famous for the quality of oils, lasting power and originality. Maybe you remember Santa Maria Novella from the JAMES BOND movies?  In “Casino Royale,” during one of the final scenes, when James looks through his girlfriend’s handbag, you can see the perfume in Eva Green’s purse is “Melograno” by Santa Maria Novella.  This is a special store and well worth a visit to its Melrose boutique – just for history’s sake alone.

The Strange Invisible Perfumes line is created by Alexandra Balahoutis.  The fragrances are unique, hand-crafted, and contain no synthetics.  The store is beautiful and classy – a must to visit!

You can create your own scent at Melange Apothecary.  In this fantastic and relaxed environment, you can custom-blend a fragrance into an array of products. Select from its varied collection, including Eau de Parfum spray, Parfum Concentrate, Body Creme, Shower Bath Salts, and much more. They even label the product and keep your formula on record for your future use.  This is such a super idea for gifts, parties or a girl’s night out!!