Dad’s Day Ideas…

Ask the Yenta

“Dear Yenta, Help! I need Father’s Day gift ideas?”

Oh – you have sooo come to the right Yenta!!  Here are some fab ideas for dad – and see my “addition to the Y list” (below) on where to find THE BEST men’s ties.

The Shave of Beverly Hills
Special for Father’s Day!! Dads N’ Lads of any age!  For $125, enjoy two Beverly Hills Shaves (value $150), or 2 haircuts (value $160) – one for dad and one for the lad or grad!  If the lad is too young, they will create some memorable photos with a fake shave!  How fun!  Also mention THE YENTA REPORT and save 10% on Father’s Day gift items. Whoo Hoo!!!Beer Basket from Fancifull
A large galvanized tub holds six beers (imports and micro-brews), potato chips, white cheddar popcorn, honey mustard pretzels, and various beer snacks – ice ’em up and party down!
$100.00PRADA Cologne
I’m loving the new PRADA cologne for men. It’s soft and subtle, with a hint of citrus – great for the summer!!  They also have After Shave Lotion, After Shave Balm, Shower Gel and Soap in the same scent.
$54 for 1.7 oz, $74 for 3.4 oz, and $100 for the 6.7 oz Eau de Toilette Spray

“Dear Yenta, Any ideas about where to go for Father’s Day for brunch or dinner?”
Of course, dahling!  Here are some delicious ideas for dining with dad:
Arnie Mortons: Treat your Dad to Morton’s The Steakhouse this Father’s Day! Enjoy a special Father’s Day menu for $65 pp. Morton’s signature menu is also available. (Burbank, Downtown, Woodland Hills)
Ford’s Filling Station: Head over to Big Daddy’s Texas Style BBQ!  Feast on 2 meats, 2 sides & a free beer for your dad $18 pp. (Culver City)
Il Cileo: Enjoy Father’s Day brunch and dinner at Il Cielo!  3-course menu with salads, pastas, fish, chicken, veal, and desserts. Brunch: $48 pp Dinner: $58 pp. (Los Angeles)
Raffles L’Ermitage: Take Dad to an elegant brunch on their beautiful patio.
11am – 3pm $75 pp $40 pp for children 12 and under. (Beverly Hills, of course)

“Dear Yenta, I’m going on a picnic this weekend – any suggestions for some great picnic food?
You bet – one item comes to mind right away…I recently read about it on Tasting Table.
Nduja (pronounced en-doo-ya), a spicy, spreadable salami from Boccalone’s.
“The soft salami takes its name from the French andouille sausage, and Italian nduja is similar in that it’s made from finely ground pork and a blend of dried chile peppers. Boccalone’s version is fiery with a hint of bitter orange and smoke, and has a smooth texture like a firm liverwurst or pâté–no slicing necessary.”
You can buy it at The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills.  Add some crackers, of course, pick up some cheese and a bottle of wine – you’ll be ready to go!!
Additions to The Y List


Men’s Ties

Every man should want to look sharp – and believe me, when they do – woman (and men) will notice!!  A fantastic tie will always make you stand out, and can show off your personality.  And please, no novelty ties – those are for men who are trying to appear more significant, sexy or outgoing than they actually are – and that’s saying it nicely!