Bathrobes, appliqués and downgrades

Ask the Yenta
Dear Yenta, I need to get a serious corporate-style head shot done for my new boss – need someone in the BH area if possible.  Any suggestions?”
Absolutely!  Here’s a couple studios that do super work!

“Dear Yenta, I’m looking for cute personalized gifts for a newborn and toddler. I was thinking of a kiddy bathrobe?”

For online purchases l love Lillian Vernon – they have it all when it comes personalized gifts.  I’ve done everything from kid’s personalized lunch boxes to personalized notebooks with matching pencils.  It also offers incredibly cute kid’s bathrobes and towels at affordable prices – with the kiddies’ names!

All About Baby is also a great online store, they have tons and tons of personalized items and fantastic gift sets. It’s located in Thousand Oaks (though there’s no storefront).

The Elegant Child is a “by appointment only store” in Beverly Hills – or you can buy online. They have a really beautiful personalized appliqué blanket.

“Dear Yenta, Do you have any favorite tips you want to share with us?”
Do I?! Of course – here are some “in the moment” suggestions – especially for life in this economy.
1)    Men can usually get a cheap $8 haircut, but woman aren’t so lucky…so I say, don’t cut your hair this summer – just let it grow — wear a pony, try some new clips, throw on a funky headband. Get creative!  Then splurge on the color (unless you totally trust yourself).
2)    Cut down on your cable bill – downgrade to the basic channels and get outside for free and fantastic summer stuff.  I’ve listed some outdoor music ideas in a previous blog post.
3)    Want to get wild?!?  Instead of just visiting your local Farmer’s Market…check out a market in a neighborhood other than yours, explore! They’re everywhere any day of the week.
4)    Lastly, swim, eats lots of ice cream, wear sunscreen, and indulge in luscious lip gloss!!
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A one-night only ‘80s lovefest at Buzzworks

Monday, July 6, 2009


A 1980s music pop-fest show/party all-in-one!! Yes, mark your calendars and grab your tickets for this special night, Monday, July 20th at The Renberg Theatre/The Village in Hollywood. The show “Angst” takes on 80’s Brat Pack movies in a one-night gala event starring some of TV’s funniest…
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