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Sneakers, posh “staycation” and bikini waxing

Ask the Yenta   "Dear Yenta, I’ve been hearing about some new sneaker shops popping up – which ones should I check out?"   Fight Club Los Angeles On Fairfax  - This consignment store changes its stock daily - with over 1000 styles to choose from.   Kendo On Melrose  - A posh women’s sneaker boutique that features high-end woman’s sneakers.   Kicks On Larchmont  - Most of the shoes here you could say are like limited editions - not what you’ll find at the mall.   Sportie LA  On Melrose or Ventura Blvd - Whether you're looking for something you just saw on the courts or a style that's more retro, you'll find it here.   "Dear Yenta, I’m looking for some very local getaways but really nice hotels. Any suggestions?" You bet!  Here...

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