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Ask the Yenta

“Dear Yenta, My boss is currently looking for a children’s book illustrator for a self-published book he wrote.  Where should I look?”

Two places to try:

Storyopolis – they have a fantastic gallery featuring artwork by children’s book illustrators


“Dear Yenta, We need a keyboard player or some such musician to play background music (w/his own keyboard) for a house party. Help!

Jeremy Weinglass

Jeremy regularly plays weddings, parties and big events. Check out his website to listen to his music, read his bio and resume, see a list of his repertoire, and recommendations from clients: Also, visit his YouTube channel. He just did a concert last week that was filmed, plus other videos: Contact his wife, who handles all his bookings: Kim 310-391-5497

Phil Metzler at

Phil has a myspace page with selections of his tunes and a website for the band he plays with Just Off Turner. His indie pop/jazz style is influenced by Billy Joel and Bruce Hornsby. He also plays guitar and sings. Read more about him and listen to his music:

Rich Smith –
Melissa Collins –


“Dear Yenta, I’m planning a baby shower and want to something fun with decorating baby clothes. Do you know where I could get big quantities of onesies, socks, hats, and blankets? And where I can get iron-ons?”

Okay, so you can get lots of onesies and tees from Santee Alley – much cheaper than other “discount stores.”  It’s located near the Fashion District between Santee St. and Maple Ave. at E.12th St. – and its open everyday from 10a-5p.  If you go on a weekend it, be forewarned – it gets a bit crazy, so arrive early. To avoid the freeways, just take Olympic all the way downtown. Should be a fun outing – and if you have other games at the party – you can get prizes and favors, too. So be sure to check out all the stores around the Alley. You’ll find some great cheap jewelry and other goodies…

FYI, Target is no great deal…try Marshalls, Walmart or Ebay for better bargains.

Also there’s Dollar Days: (you need to log in to see the prices…but it’s mentioned on several websites)…and (try calling to see if they’ll sell to individuals since goods are sold in bulk).

For the iron-ons, it’s just special paper you use for your printer – here’s some offered on Amazon – also available at Staples and other big office supply stores.
Be sure to read customer reviews – some may be better than others…and people usually offer helpful hints.

Print photos, pictures, words, names, funny sayings, etc. Just pre-cut the images — or better yet, have everyone at the party cut them out!  Also think of things that parents would like – vintage pictures, favorite bands, sports teams, nicknames, etc.

<div”>HP also has an assortment of designs that are free for you to print out including alphabet lettering.


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Got a question about L.A.? Ask the Yenta!

Monday, August 24, 2009

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Got a question about L.A.? Ask the Yenta!
by Susan Pascal

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