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Holiday gifts, costumes, and craft night!

Ask the Yenta "Dear Yenta, I know it’s early, but I’m already working on Christmas/Hanukkah gifts for my boss.  He usually gives the same fruit basket every year and this year he wants something different.  The price point is around $50 and presentation is key!!  Any Ideas?” Paulette Macrarons (Bev Hills) - assorted colorful flavors - gorgeous! The Cookie Sandwich Company (San Diego) - feels likes it’s homemade!   Peanut Butter and Co. (New York) - you can send a package of six plus their cookbook - who won't love that!?! It’s perfect for families with kids. John and Kira's (Philly) - check out the chocolate figs! Skinny Skinny (Brooklyn) - a set of organic soaps in a beautiful eco-friendly box that looks like a book!   Elegant Cheesecakes...

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