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Birthday happiness, U2, and other tours

Ask the Yenta "Dear Yenta, I hear it’s your birthday this weekend.  What do you want for your birthday?” So glad you asked! This is what I would like for my birthday!!!!!!!!!!! 1)   lose 20 lbs 2)   a boyfriend who loves me like a queen 3)   have someone hand me a check for $50,000 with no strings attached<div">4)   a lifetime gift certificate of manis and pedis 5)   a weekly massage for a year 6)   a private chef 7)   a dishwasher 8)   a trip around the world 9)   someone to paint my apartment 10) world peace and love!     Okay, okay – Yes, it is my birthday this weekend but I totally made up this question!!!  LOL!!   Here’s something to read!   Why Hollywood’s Jewish guys fall in love with shiksas!! A great article by Liel Leibovitz   Things to check out this weekend!   Saturday, October 24th   The Brewery ArtWalk Brewery...

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