The Yenta’s Top 10 for 2010

Top 10 New Years Resolutions

1) Make my bed everyday

2) Be consistent with my recycling

3) Keep my apartment tidy

4) Less anger, more kindness

5) Cut down on the junk food

6) Travel

7) Cook more, eat out less

8) Dance

9) Save money

10) Let love in

10 Things to Look Forward to in 2010


1)   The Apple Tablet

2)   3-D TV

3)   The 4G Network

4)   Movies: Clash of The Titans, A Couple of Dicks, Robin Hood, The  Wolfman, Sex In The City 2, Alice In Wonderland, Inception, Dinner for Schmucks

5)   Fiat 500

6)   Real Health Reform

7)   Winter Olympics

8)    Albums: Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson, Usher, Danny Gokey, Blink 182

9)   American Idol

10)  My Birthday


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I Can’t Live If Living Is Without You

Monday, December 28, 2009

I woke up this morning, thinking about last night and my romantic evening – and I thought I must look up the lyrics to this song. While I was searching for the lyrics, I found out that the three MAJOR ladies of music covered this song – and yes, I mean: Mariah, Celine and Whitney! But we all know Air Supply made it a hit in 1991!!
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