For me, this is the year of love and creativity. I wanted both, and I got both. Yay me! It took me MANY years to find my significant other. I had pretty much thought it would never happen but decided to give online dating one more chance. Cause, if I didn’t even try, then “for sure” it wasn’t going to happen. And there he was, and we just instantly clicked. We met each other’s families within the first two weeks of dating, and it was just easy. Easy, they way I had always thought it would be when you meet the right guy.

For one of our early dates I suggested we go to Color Me Mine, one of those “paint your own” pottery places, and he was into it (for that he scored major points.) It was also his Mother’s Birthday coming up so I suggested that it could be fun do something for his mom, and he did! A Garden Nome, and she loved it.

I immediately went for the little Happy Buddha Man. I just liked it, I thought of it as an art piece, and I totally went for it. I used bright colors and did henna/tattoo symbols all over the body. It just came it me – I wanted to be free, be creative, think out the box. Little Buddha Man came out fabulous, everyone who has seen him has loved him. My new man even loved him. The day of his mother’s birthday (after he had given her the Nome.) He proudly whipped out his phone and showed off a picture of Happy Buddha Man to his entire family. Many of them are artists themselves, and I just adored that he was so proud to share my creative side. I was proud too.