Cool things and weekend fun

Cool Things I Found Online   I always loved the “pocket knife/Swiss Army Knife” idea – but it’s hard to carry that on your key chain or get past security at a concert – and fuggit-about-it on an airplane.  BUT check this out!  From Garrett Wade – a key-shaped pocket knife!! These people are schmart! […]

Dining options…

Ask the Yenta   Wow!  Okay, so all three questions this week are about restaurant for specific occasions. 1)   From a 20-something guy wanting a restaurant for a first date in Hollywood – not romantic, but cool/hip/fun, and not too expensive. 2)   From a man wanting to take his sister out for a birthday dinner, […]

I’m on Holiday..

Ya, I’m on Vacation   Have a great holiday weekend everyone! I will leave you with a recipe you can try for your BBQ – You know I love the color pink – so here is a recipe for fushia hummus – ya, baby!! Care of blogger and punk photographer Libby Bulloff Jitterbug Hummus Written […]

Bathrobes, appliqués and downgrades

Ask the Yenta   “Dear Yenta, I need to get a serious corporate-style head shot done for my new boss – need someone in the BH area if possible.  Any suggestions?” Absolutely!  Here’s a couple studios that do super work!   “Dear Yenta, I’m looking for cute personalized gifts for a newborn and […]