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TYR Query

Your weekly Yenta interview of LA insiders

Rachel Kaufman


Rachel Kaufman was born and raised in Queens, NY, but when she came to LA on vacation with her parents at 11 years old, she announced to them that she was going to live here…They thought she was joking! Rachel started scrapbooking as a child because she was totally in love with Robert Wagner when he was on Hart to Hart and she cut out every picture of him and had to find a way to save them all! (Oh yeah, Rachel -- Robert Wagner was totally hot in Hart to Hart!!) Rachel is now all grown up and a published scrapbook designer and instructor! Having become bored with traditional scrapbooking methods, in July 2008, Rachel created “Scrapbooking from the Inside Out.” The website is an inspirational source, kit club, and online community for scrapbookers who want to explore their inner lives and deepest thoughts and dreams. There are over 20 million scrapbookers in the US alone! Who knew?!!

“Scrapbooking from the Inside Out” sells exclusive coordinated kits of paper crafting materials. Each month a new kit is developed based on color, design and iconography that reflect an emotional theme – everything from freedom to comfort to loss to patience. Rachel’s kits come complete with a music playlist, journaling prompts, quotes, photos and links that fuel creativity in the most unique multimedia way. Her favorite part of scrapbooking? Finding the perfect visual way to tell a deep story. Her favorite time of day to scrapbook? 11pm

Rachel’s passion and dream is to help others understand themselves, deal with life's complications and celebrate their inner and most private victories through this very accessible and enjoyable craft. Love you already Rachel!!

Your favorite place in LA to have a cocktail?
I'm a wine drinker, and nothing makes me happier than sitting on my terrace in Santa Monica with a glass of something new from a recent Napa trip and a little plate of Whole Foods rosemary sea salt crackers. Sigh.

Your favorite LA place for bargain shopping?
I've got to split this one - DSW for shoes (and yes, I've been known to hit more than one location in a day) and Lucy on Montana for sale weekends - the best one is on New Year's Eve Day! Shhh. Don't tell anyone. You'll be set for cute, flattering yoga pants for a year!

You could change one thing about LA - what would it be?
I'd want to stop people who move here from bashing this great city! I love LA...and I never understand how someone can come here to live, work and make their dreams come true and then talk constantly about how much better New York is. If you REALLY think so...go back! P.S.: I'm a former NYer, so I can say that...LA is truly my home!

You’ve always wanted to go to this LA spot – but just haven’t made it there yet?
I’ve always wanted to check out Saddle Peak Lodge but never seem to find time for the drive!

Your favorite LA extravagance?
Right after my last birthday, I took my honey and my BFF who was visiting from NY and booked two treatments each for us at the Spa at Equinox in West Hollywood. Heaven.

Your favorite neighborhood haunt?
Peet’s on Montana. You’ll never find a stronger, richer cup of coffee and I love the people watching opportunities sitting outside with other locals.

Your favorite local getaway?
The Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna. The waves crash right up against the building at high tide...then a short drive the next day to La Jolla for the fantastic food and view on the Terrace at George's California Modern.

Your favorite place for cheap eats?
Gotta go with Bay Cities Italian Deli. I don't even care if the line at the counter is 5 deep...but I often take advantage of ordering online and then swing in to pick up my Caprese sandwich and an Aranciata.

You always take out of town guests to this spot?
Malibu Bluffs Park right across from Pepperdine. If you walk past the ball fields and playground around to the right, you'll find a lovely picnic spot with breathtaking ocean views.

You're most connected to this charity or your last volunteer experience?
As a dog lover, I adore the work of Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, UT. They have affiliates all over the west, and are committed to providing a permanent home to animals in need if they can't find new families. The kindness and compassion they show everyday is very inspiring to me