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A Very Yenta Workshop!

Jan 28.2011
Vision Board Party!! Woo Hoo!!!    THE YENTA REPORT hosts a Get Your Groove On Vision Board Party! Girls, Guys, and Gays are all welcome to attend t...
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Arts, Movies and Music

Jan 21.2011
LA Happenings you might want to check out this weekend!    dejecta/protecta: A Performance by Vaginal Davis In conjunction with the exhibition The A...
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Arts, Races, Wine and Pong

Jan 07.2011
7LA Happenings you might want to check out this weekend!    Los Angeles Arts Month The City of Los Angeles has declared January of each year “Los ...
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Baby safety, spining and letterpress

Jul 24.2009
Help spread The Yenta Love!! – Send this to your friends who would like it – just click at the bottom the page and “forward to a fri...
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Bathrobes, appliqués and downgrades

Jul 10.2009
Ask the Yenta   “Dear Yenta, I need to get a serious corporate-style head shot done for my new boss – need someone in the BH area if poss...
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Bellacures Brentwood Opens!

Feb 09.2010
Ask the Yenta   SPECIAL FOR TYR READERS!!   Bellacures Brentwood Opens Today!! Bellacures is one of the top Nails Salons in Los Angeles – and ...
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Birthday happiness, U2, and other tours

Oct 23.2009
Ask the Yenta “Dear Yenta, I hear it’s your birthday this weekend.  What do you want for your birthday?” So glad you asked! This is what I ...
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Bring me the music!!

Mar 04.2011
It’s March. Spring is awakening, everyone is starting to worry about their taxes, and most importantly, concert season is kicking off in Los Angeles...
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Candy, jobs and girls night out!

Nov 12.2010
Ask the Yenta   Dear Yenta, This is really random, but do you know where in LA I can buy cheap individually wrapped mints in bulk? I am hosting that ...
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Christmas lights, business cards and breakfast meetings

Dec 04.2009
Ask the Yenta “Dear Yenta, I need to coordinate a breakfast meeting for about 20 people in December.  My company can’t afford to buyout a big...
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College, fireworks, outdoor weddings and “green” with beauty

Jun 26.2009
Ask the Yenta   “Dear Yenta, Do you know if Los Angeles City College is any good?”   I can’t give you a definitive answer on this, but...
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Colorful Buddha

Oct 01.2016
For me, this is the year of love and creativity. I wanted both, and I got both. Yay me! It took me MANY years to find my significant other. I had pret...
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Cool things and weekend fun

Oct 02.2009
Cool Things I Found Online   I always loved the “pocket knife/Swiss Army Knife” idea – but it’s hard to carry that on your key chain or g...
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Dad’s Day Ideas…

Jun 12.2009
Ask the Yenta “Dear Yenta, Help! I need Father’s Day gift ideas?” Oh – you have sooo come to the right Yenta!!  Here are some fab ide...
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Dame Edna, wine bars and watermelon sunscreen

May 29.2009
Ask the Yenta   “Dear Yenta, I have a hand-woven rug – very expensive – and I need to get it cleaned. Where do I go?   Bobcat Carpet and F...
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Dining options…

Sep 18.2009
Ask the Yenta   Wow!  Okay, so all three questions this week are about restaurant for specific occasions. 1)   From a 20-something guy wanting a r...
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Favorite “ask the yenta questions!”

Aug 14.2009
WOW! Six months has flown by! I’d thought I’d take a look back at at some of the “Ask the Yenta” questions that received the g...
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Gifts, Charity and The New Year!

Dec 31.2010
Dear Yenta, I have a random question for you… A company my boyfriend works with is looking for a charity (non-religious) that is handing out food ov...
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Girls Spa Day, Rainy Days

Jan 22.2010
Ask the Yenta   “Dear Yenta, So my birthday is coming up next month – and I think I want to do something with just my girlfriends. Where&#821...
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Good Times…

Dec 19.2010
LA Happenings you might want to check out this weekend!   Unique LA’s 3rd Annual Holiday Show Saturday, December 11, 2010 at 11:00 AM – S...
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Hanukkah Happenings and Girls Rock Gift Idea

Dec 11.2009
Ask the Yenta   “Dear Yenta, I need to buy a holiday gift for a 13-year-old rocker girl: electric guitar, vintage amp, keyboard. Help.” &nbsp...
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Have fun or get inspired this weekend!

Oct 09.2009
Yes, It’s the weekend – have some fun or get inspired!!   “Clue” at The Nuart   Friday at midnight, the historic NuArt Theater on Sa...
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Hello Kitty, breakfast and flower girls

Oct 30.2009
Ask the Yenta   “Dear Yenta, Help – I can’t find decent shoes for the flower girl in my wedding!  Where can I go? Nordstrom has a fantasti...
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Holiday gifts, costumes, and craft night!

Oct 16.2009
Ask the Yenta “Dear Yenta, I know it’s early, but I’m already working on Christmas/Hanukkah gifts for my boss.  He usually gives the same f...
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Hollywood, Dinner and Chocolate!

Jan 15.2010
Ask the Yenta   “Dear Yenta, I’m coming to LA and am taking some clients out to dinner in Hollywood – any suggestions?” Of course! Ka...
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Horseback riding and non-dairy treats!

Jul 17.2009
Ask the Yenta   “Dear Yenta, Where can I find the best gelato that has multiple dairy free options, especially CHOCOLATE sorbet?” Great q...
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I’m on Holiday..

Sep 05.2009
Ya, I’m on Vacation   Have a great holiday weekend everyone! I will leave you with a recipe you can try for your BBQ – You know I love th...
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Just an ordinary Saturday in Los Angeles

Jan 08.2010
Who says living in Los Angeles isn’t AWESOME?!      Here’s a typical ordinary Saturday in LA.  I love this place!   10am I just found out abo...
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Kid’s art, keyboards and customized baby clothes!

Aug 28.2009
Ask the Yenta “Dear Yenta, My boss is currently looking for a children’s book illustrator for a self-published book he wrote.  Where shou...
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Kosher salami, shopping and quick getaway

Aug 07.2009
Ask the Yenta “Dear Yenta, I am wracking my brain trying to find a nice getaway location for my 12-year-old daughter and me for Labor Day. Must ...
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Landscape Designers, Classic Food, and Holiday Pies!

Nov 20.2009
Ask the Yenta “Dear Yenta, I’m looking for a recommendation for a fantastic landscape designer.” Here are a few great choices: Mark Davi...
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Make this a Movie Memorial Day Weekend!

May 27.2011
This year, buck tradition and leave your hot dogs and burgers for the 4th of July. With incredible events taking place across LA, you’ll have no pro...
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Mani’s, celebrity art and martini glasses

Nov 06.2009
Ask the Yenta   “Dear Yenta, I’m going to a concert at the Gibson Amphitheater.  Can you give me some suggestions for restaurants in the Eas...
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Oh where, oh where can my little Yenta be?

Sep 28.2010
Ask the Yenta   “Dear Yenta, I stopped getting the report. What happened?” Hey, Yenties! I hope you haven’t missed me too much!  Pleas...
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Pub Crawls, Breakfast with Santa and Retro Slide Shows

Dec 18.2009
Some really fun weekend Holiday activities!! Pub Crawls, Breakfast with Santa and Retro Slide Shows Oh My! 1st Annual SANTA Monica Pub Crawl When: 5pm...
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Sneakers, posh “staycation” and bikini waxing

Aug 21.2009
Ask the Yenta   “Dear Yenta, I’ve been hearing about some new sneaker shops popping up – which ones should I check out?”   Fight...
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Sports, dating and exercise

May 22.2009
Ask the Yenta   “Dear Yenta – I was wondering if you could recommend a good exercise boot camp near the Grove. A friend of mine is doing ...
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Strapped, spooky and dressless

May 15.2009
Ask the Yenta   “Dear Yenta, I’m having a hard time finding a cool leather belt – you know, something substantial, good looking, big buckle...
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Sweets & to tip or not to tip??

May 08.2009
Ask the Yenta   “Hi Yenta, If you go to a small hair salon and the owner does your hair, do you give her a tip? I went to a new salon and had m...
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Thanksgiving, Volunteering and Men’s Haircuts

Nov 22.2010
Ask the Yenta Dear Yenta, Can you recommend any places for the good citizens of LA to Volunteer on Thanksgiving Day? I want to give back to the commun...
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The t-shirts have arrived!!

Nov 13.2009
This month, The Yenta Report launches its “Yentawood” t-shirt line…no explanation needed!!   Available in pink and black  for women (sizes: sm...
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The Yenta’s Top 10 for 2010

Jan 01.2010
Top 10 New Years Resolutions 1) Make my bed everyday 2) Be consistent with my recycling 3) Keep my apartment tidy 4) Less anger, more kindness 5) Cut ...
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These Apps Have Saved My Life (well, maybe not literally.)

Oct 09.2016
It’s pretty rare that something comes into your life that is life altering. These three Apps have done that for me: Instacart, Postmates and Prime N...
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Things to do this weekend: March 24th – 26th – Gay Musicals, Food Trucks and Rainn Wilson

Mar 24.2011
Ah, the weekend is upon us. Sadly, the rainpocalypse continues. Here are a few things for you to do this weekend (instead of hibernating at home):   ...
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This Yenta is offering advice..

Feb 12.2010
Ask the Yenta   Something must be in the air…cause the questions this week are really personal.      “Dear Yenta, Can you give me step-by-...
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Threading, plaques and patios

Jun 19.2009
Ask the Yenta “Dear Yenta, can you suggest a good “threading” place? Long story short: I have lots of blond hair on my face – so laser is ...
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Tweens, knives and film lovers

Jul 31.2009
Ask the Yenta   “Dear Yenta, I have a couple of kitchen knives that need sharpening – any suggestions? Thanks.” Good question.  I’ve...
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Web, food and fireworks again!!

Jul 03.2009
Ask the Yenta   “Dear Yenta, I have an urgent problem that I hope you can help me with. My old web site has crashed and I need immediate help c...
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Where Jews eat on Christmas

Dec 23.2010
HAPPY HOLIDAYS   For all you Jews who go out to eat on Christmas Day – and all others who just don’t want to stay home – here’s a list of res...
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Yom kippur, logo’s and walking for animals

Sep 25.2009
Ask the Yenta “Dear Yenta, I’m new to the city. Where can I go for Yom Kippur services – where I don’t have to belong to the t...
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