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Web, food and fireworks again!!

Ask the Yenta   "Dear Yenta, I have an urgent problem that I hope you can help me with. My old web site has crashed and I need immediate help creating a new one.  I love your web site and I was hoping that you could send me some quick referrals. Thank you in advance for all your great advice.?" I love, love, love both these people/companies!!! Keith Cohn CEO, Creative Director CCreativeDesign® 323-650-2001I worked with Keith on designing this website:  Keith is located in West Hollywood.Amy Kramer Counterintuity, LLC 818-848-1700 Counterintuity did The Yenta Report - and I'm still working with them. Counterintuity is in Burbank. NOTE: I'M SENDING THIS QUESTION OUT AGAIN - PEOPLE, GO OUT AND CELEBRATE!!!   "Dear Yenta, Where are some places to celebrate 4th of July...

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