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Oh where, oh where can my little Yenta be?

Ask the Yenta   "Dear Yenta, I stopped getting the report. What happened?" Hey, Yenties! I hope you haven’t missed me too much!  Please forgive me for the “pause” in our relationship.  I took on a new job this year and, such as life can be, it’s sometimes hard to juggle many tasks at once.  I hope you’ve continued to follow me on Facebook and Twitter as I regularly send updates on both platforms. Please continue send me questions and if you know someone that would make a great TYR Query – please email me!  A new query is coming out this week!  I’m baaaaaack! I can’t thank you enough for your support! All my love, The Yenta I’ll leave you with some of my new “favorite things!” Lil Rae...

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