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LA Happenings you might want to check out this weekend!    dejecta/protecta: A Performance by Vaginal Davis In conjunction with the exhibition The Artist's Museum No, this isn’t your yearly exam!  Inspired by Andy Warhol and Jack Smith, this is a new work by gender-queer art and music icon, Vaginal Davis. This original work will be staged at MOCA for one night only and will feature production design and costumes by Jonathan Berger, and appearances by special invited guests. Saturday, January 22, 2011 Four performances, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm; 45 minutes each $15-$20 AHMANSON AUDITORIUM 
MOCA Grand Avenue (Downtown) Wallace Shawn: Real World, Fake World, Dream World “Have you heard of Plato? Aristotle? Socrates?  Morons!”  Extraordinary writer, actor, Obie Award-winning playwright and best-selling author, Wallace Shawn reads and interprets from...

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Arts, Races, Wine and Pong

7LA Happenings you might want to check out this weekend!    Los Angeles Arts Month The City of Los Angeles has declared January of each year “Los Angeles Arts Month.”  L.A. is a hothouse of culture and creativity where the cutting-edge neighbors the historic. Los Angeles Arts Month’s mission is to raise awareness, appreciation, and participation in the arts in Los Angeles in all forms.  So find a new experience: from visiting a small gallery to attending local theater, to getting a taste of a multi-cultural festival!  Los Angeles Arts Month is an open invitation for Angelinos and guests! The Amazing L.A. Race: Sightseeing Tour, Game and Scavenger Hunt in One  The Amazing Los Angeles Race should feel like a sightseeing tour/thriller hybrid—The Amazing Race Meets...

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