Arts, Races, Wine and Pong

7LA Happenings you might want to check out this weekend!

The City of Los Angeles has declared January of each year “Los Angeles Arts Month.”  L.A. is a hothouse of culture and creativity where the cutting-edge neighbors the historic.

Los Angeles Arts Month’s mission is to raise awareness, appreciation, and participation in the arts in Los Angeles in all forms.  So find a new experience: from visiting a small gallery to attending local theater, to getting a taste of a multi-cultural festival!  Los Angeles Arts Month is an open invitation for Angelinos and guests!

The Amazing L.A. Race: Sightseeing Tour, Game and Scavenger Hunt in One

 The Amazing Los Angeles Race should feel like a sightseeing tour/thriller hybrid—The Amazing Race Meets The Da Vinci Code!  Participants form teams of 2 to 8 people and receive their first clue at the starting line. Each solution leads to the next clue— and to top L.A. attractions, including Mann’s Chinese Theatre, the Walk of Fame, Walt Disney Concert Hall, and the Hollywood Bowl, culminating in a finish-line awards ceremony.

A good old fashioned Double-Feature pairs up with a good old fashioned drinking game.  As per usual, your first beer is on the house, as this monthly event starts off the year with two of our favorite 1980’s Zucker Bros.  film comedies, NAKED GUN and AIRPLANE!  What a great tribute to the late Leslie Neilson!

Saturday – Doors at 7:00pm.
NAKED GUN at 8:00pm
AIRPLANE at 10:00pm

Rooftop Beer Pong ’til late.

At Downtown Independent 251 S. Main St.$10 Advance, $12 at the door.

The New Year is a great time to change up your exercise routine!  Starting this Sunday, a New Cycling Club will be starting at team sporteve.  It’s free, and the first ride will get those legs spinning for a few hours up the coast!

Sundays, beginning January 9

9:00 AM

Taste 5 great Cheeses! Taste 5 Amazing Chocolates!  Experience 10 great wines!  Join Ian Blackburn,Sommelier, Candidate for The Master of Wine, and Founder of LearnAboutWine, for a special class bringing together these three divine creations. The attire may be casual, but the attitude is not!  “You will explore the sensual contrasts and delights that each element brings to the experience — the crisp acidity, mouth-filling robustness or smooth viscosity of great wine; the sharp, subtly sweet or complexity of fine cheese; and the rich luxuriousness of superior chocolate ranging from creamy milk to intensely dark.”  You don’t have to convince us—it’s wine, cheese and chocolate!

Sunday – 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Loft 218 – 530 Molino St #218
Advanced Purchase   $69
General Admission    $80